Let’s make waterborne diseases history!


That is why we have developed water purification with contemporary and game changing UV LED technology.

Nobel Laureate Prof. Dr. Hiroshi Amano and his two colleagues invented LED after decades of intense and grinding research. At Watersprint, we’ve been using this groundbreaking technology since 2013 – probably being the very first UVC LED company in the world – applying our expertise in mechanics, optics, electronics, hydrodynamics, microbiology and software to achieve maximum disinfection of water in our patented solutions. 

Cutting edge R&D in microbiology sets our expertise in disinfection of water apart from our competitors. In addition, we at Watersprint works with a cluster of engineers and microbiologist who are tightly connected to Watersprint, including collaboration with Lund University and the Medicon Village tech community.     

We would love to hear about the challenges you may face with microorganisms in water. 

We are here to help you.

Watersprint´s patented technology


At Watersprint, we use nano UVC LED technology optimized for our cutting edge products and applications to purify water.

We continuously patent new inventions and solutions in order to maintain a leading position killing virus and bacteria in water with UV LED, reducing risk of legionnaires’ disease.

We offer game changing solutions by combining materials, hardware architecture, mechanics, intelligent software and optics in unique ways ,to maximize the microorganism kill rate at different flow rates (point of use).

Our products handle contamination in water by effectively eliminating bacteria such as Legionella, but also viruses, spores and protozoa. In doing so, UVC, as with sunlight, it affects neither taste nor colour.

At Watersprint, our contemporary research efforts ensure maximum efficiency in our cutting edge products and applications. Research includes analyzing water flow in reactor to optimize light exposure, pulsed mode operation, flexible emission patterns and wavelength flexibility, to find microorganism’s most spectral sensitivity, maximizing kill rate for enhanced safety.

Our Home in
Medicon Village


Our office is located in “The Spark”, the new ultramodern office building in the heart of Medicon Village in Lund, Sweden. 

Medicon Village has already become a world leading life science and cleantech cluster, within walking distance of Ideon Science Park, Lund Technical University and the internationally renowned ESS and MaxIV sites.

Please come visit us for a chat and a cup of coffee.

Medicon Village
Scheeletorget 1,
223 81 Lund, Sweden. 


Founders & Management


Watersprint was founded in 2013 by Dr Kenneth M Persson,
Professor in water resources engineering, Mr Ola Hansson, MSc,
Dr Lars Montelius, Professor in nanotechnology and Mr Tord Wingren, tech innovator.

The board and employees have over over 150 years of combined experience in key areas including water, healthcare, microbiology, nanotechnology and IT/telecom.

At Watersprint, unique competences come together to innovate cutting edge game changing patented UVC LED technology, in solutions with a commercial value.

We are committed to on-going R&D efforts, continuosly testing new applications in close cooperation with valued partners and clients.

Chairman of the board is Mats J Svensson.

André Carlsson



+46 72 601 03 01

Board of Directors

Mats J Svensson


Sven Joel Härgestam


Henrik Brandes


Ola Hansson


Peter Birke