Here you find datasheets, tests & other informative UVC LED material on how we at Watersprint go about, killing virus and bacteria in water with UV LED, reducing risk of legionnaires’ disease.UVC LED material

Datasheets & Manuals for our products
(in English unless specified)

Datasheet Purify Flex

Datasheet Purify Flex Plus

Datasheet Purify Flex Advanced

Datasheet Purify Mini

Installation Manual

Installation Manual (in Swedish)

Tests & Research – UVC LED material

FM Mattsson, Lund Univers., Malmö City & Watersprint

IWW Germany ComprehensiveTest Report

Report UV LED system Design

Aggregated third party testing report

E.Coli & Legionella Methods for analysing E-coli & Legionella

Bacterial Sensitivity (graph1)

Bacterial Sensitivity (graph2)

How does UVC kill? (graph)

Kill rates per product over-view (graph)

Folders & Pressreleases

Pressrelease FM Mattsson Mora Group and Watersprint.

FM Mattsson and Watersprint

Products and applications.

FM Mattsson and Watersprint

Products and applications.
In Swedish.

FM Mattsson

Innovative and intelligent water treatment for private wells.

FM Mattsson

Innovativ och intelligent vattenrening för egna brunnar.*
In Swedish.